Maboha Affiliate Program

In order to build good cooperation relationship with reviewers, content creator, blogger, influencers from Youtube, Ins, FB, Twitter, to market us and developed our brand in win-win mode, we set up this Monkey earning Affiliate Program.

What you can get from this program ?

1. Latest information about our product, campaigns in time;
2. Chance to try and experience our new product;
3. 8% of commission rate of each order made because of your effort.

How can you Join our Program ?

1. Send program participation request to our customer service;
2. Our staff will contact you contact your to collect some of your information like your channel link, FB page, instagram account, then make a estimate;
3. If we think you were qualified for our program, then we will ask for your paypal account, then send you a agreement with all details with our CEO’s signature, and ask for a copier of agreement with your signature. Then start the cooperation.

 How can you earn money ?

1. Choose product which suit your followers in our store, then share the the link to your FB, Twitter, then compose text with call out to buy with the discount set for you;
2. You can repost our content on our instagram page mabaoha918 to your instagram page, then tag us, or mention us, introduce your followers visit our instagram page, and buy in our page Bio;
3. You can ask for one of our product to try in person, then create some content, like videos, or post, then introduce your friends or followers come to buy in our store by your discount code to enjoy some discount;
4. You can join our facebook page, or user groups, then introduce them to buy our product in in our facebook shop directly with your discount code;
5. At then end of each month, we will count how many time your discount used in this month, then calculate your commission, and check with you. Once check, no problem we will make the payment for you within 24 hours.

 Are you ready ? What are you still waiting for ? Any queries or intention, just contact us.