About us

Mabaoha is one of Brand under MLD Technology Co.,Ltd (MLD Technology Company). Mom, Kid, Joy are 3 important elements of Mabaoha Brand. We are dedicated to offering anti-aging skincare items, or item which drive you to get good habit or routine good to health. And we also trying out best to make sure items affordable enough, cuz we wanna slow down aging for everyone, especially for all Moms.
2 leading item series we got now: Facial cleansing tool, Smart watches/band. While as the market demand change, now we are also trying to catch up, and selling most pouplar items all the time.

Mabaoha was created by a young kind-hearted man. One day he found mom get old suddenly when he saw mom first sight on a new New Year reunion. Suddenly he felt frustrated, while he knew no one can stop aging, but he believe there are must some thing could be done, so he decide to find some items to slow down aging, especially for ladies like his mom. And from beginning, he set the #1 standard of product: Being affordable and effective. After he started this project, he start to love it soon, and can not stop it any more, cuz every time he was told by user “Mabaoha’s product works, and price is more affordable than many other white elephants”, he was so proud and joyful.

Maobao's Logo

General look, like a smile kid face. And there are two M letters and one O. 
If aging could be slower on mom, then Kid would be more joyful than her


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