Special Thanks To Youtuber Lifia Niala

Special Thanks To Youtuber Lifia Niala

Today is a big day for me and my Robot Mabaoha.Mabaoha was reviewed and active on Lifia Niala’s Youtube Channel and Various SNS Platform after preparation for almost 1 month. And the review rate on youtube excess more than 10K only with 1 day,I am so happy. Really need to thank you,Lifia Niala Girls. On this year’s X’mas, i think i need to prepare 3 gift for you 3 Girls,LOL.

 Here is the link of Reviewed on Lifia Niala’s Youtube channel:

 Here are some amazing and happy Moment when the the Mabaoha learning Robot toy being reviewed.

Open Mabaoha Package:

 Robots makes wolf howl as per request:

 Robot mimicks Lifia to speak Indonesian in funny way:

 Learn to know Kangaroo with Mabaoha Robot (Cognition learning)

(Learn to know more than 100 objects)

 Learn ABC with Mabaoha Robot:

 Learn Logic with Mabaoha Robot:


 Lifia Niala is a amazing Youtube Channel,it has won more than 1.3Millon subscribers,and got more than 1.06Billion views.Usually they there are 2 lovely girls. Lifia (Elder Sister) Niala(Young Sister),except for toy reviews, they also make all kinds of interesting videos about Childhood. Lifia and Niala are 2 Indonesian girls,their videos are funy,informative,very professional,i think they must be the well known kids in Indonesia.LOL. I am Very glad i could be their partner, so i also hope my store visitors could become their followers and fan.

Here are the access to their channels:


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