Special Thanks To Shamshad Maker for Mabaoha Robot Review

Special Thanks To Shamshad Maker for Mabaoha Robot Review

It's the 5th-day Mabaoha Robot review video has been active on Shamshad Maker Youtube channel, and other SNS platform. I am so happy, cuz only on the Youtube channel, the views exceeds 50K, It's really amazing and Bravo. Thank you so much, Mr. Mohd Shamshad Alam and your little Prince Alam Jr. Besides your review and the video view situation, have got say your work efficiency is also amazing, just take less than 2 days to finish review after the package arrived, Really appreciate your style, and Many Thanks again.


Here also collect some amazing moments in the review videos:

Talk With Robot


Ask Robot to Dance


Learn Math with Robot


Thank you, Mr. Alam, for these amazing moments.


Here also wanna recommend Shamshad Maker. It a Toy review channel run by a father and his lovely's the Best Place for Kids! They Review Toys, Kids Play! How to Making, DIY Stuff, Gadget, Unboxing & Testing videos for Kids.

And I hope you guys can also follow and support them, access as follows:




Official Website:


Many Thanks again to Shamshad Maker Channel again, hope your channel get better and better, and I believe your channel will get more and more fans.