How to Download Mabaoha APP ?

How to Download Mabaoha APP ?

To interact with Mabaoha Robot for fun and learning,it’s one leading feature,and all kids like it,While before we interact with Robot, we need to download and install our APP to our mobile Phone.

In order to make it easy and convenient for our Robot owner,here i will show you how to download our APP,Generally speaking,our APP is available on Android and iOS mobile device.

1.For the IOS devices like iphone or ipad, the most direct method is to download from APP Store.We just need to search “YYD idol”in APP store, then click to get and install.

2.For the Android devices,the most effective way it to download from our server directly.

A.Copy following server link,and post it to your internet explorer to open it.

Server Link:

B.Click Android below the QR code to download, after download then click to finish installation as per instruction:


After the APP installed, then we can start to try it.

Except for this passage, We also a instruction video on the Youtube Channel, click following channel link to check video directly