Don’t have paypal? No worry, Mabaoha also start to support credit card payment now

Don’t have paypal? No worry, Mabaoha also start to support credit card payment now

Mabaoha have won a lot of trust and order from customer throughout the world by affordable quality items, and fast and effective service. For all these people who are willing to give us a chances to serve, we really appreciate all the time. And we have been trying to improve from each aspects to satisfy them, and make sure they can enjoy a easy and joyful purchase experience in Mabaoha Store.

In the past, we only support paypal payment. Of course, paypal is also very convenient, reliable and good to consumer. While not everyone got a paypal account, Especially these friend who come from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and middle East Countries. Many friend have inquired our staff a same question again and again” Except for paypal, do you accept any other payment method, like credit card ?”. Now we can proudly say “Yes” to this query now. We have started to make effort to offer credit card payment support after the 3rd time we had been asked this query, beacuse we are always willing to listen from customer in order to make them happy. Today, we have finished to test our new integrated payment solution:Stripe. Which can accept payment from Visa/Master/Amex card. So from now on you can buy from Mabaoha by credit card. Compared to paypal, credit card got 2 advantage. 1, it’s more universal, and think most people got one; 2. You don’t need to store money to buy, when you met something you like, you can buy and enjoy right away, and pay the bill after salary day.

 So up to now, Mabaoha support following payment:

(Visa/Master/Amex card, Paypal, Paypal Express) payment

You can see that on the top of each page, or check at the bottom of page

When you start to fill contact information, you will only see paypal express checkout as following picture.

While no worry, after you move to payment step, then you will see all payment option as following picture. Now you can use suitable payment to checkout.

Thank you for the support from all customer&friends. Hope you enjoy shopping in Mabaoha store, we will try our best to offer better and better item and service. If you got any suggestion, just contact us to tell us, we are all always ready to listen.